Dear Food Lover,

We hope you are having a wonderful week, and that you are looking forward to the rain!

We are excited to introduce a new chocolate this week – Tangerine Dreams – white chocolate cups filled with a tangerine and peach white balsamic buttercream. With fresh peach and lots of tangerine zest, these completely delectable confections are reminiscent of Creamsicles. The tart and zesty filling compliments the sweet and creamy white chocolate perfectly. And, they were just delivered to Harvest Market in Fort Bragg. As a matter of fact, a couple of ladies were looking in the chocolate case, when I was delivering the chocolates… so I gave them a sample to try, and they bought some, before we could even get them in the case! Even if you’re not a big fan of white chocolate, these may turn you around!

(NOTE: The above photo was taken at the kitchen, before boxing them up for delivery. A new, exciting, more flattering and beautiful photo, by Larry Wagner, will be appearing very soon!)

Due to the rain, which we’re supposed to be getting on Wednesday and Thursday, we decided to take it easy this week, so we will only be attending the Fort Bragg Farmers Market on Wednesday. We will return to Willits next Thursday.

In addition to our regular menu items, we will be offering the following:

Rustic Apple Tarts. Made with crisp tart apples, fresh ginger, a little brown sugar, cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg, these pies are just in time to celebrate the new season of apples. $6.00

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie. A delicious twist on this classic dessert. The bourbon and chocolate temper the sweetness of the pie. We will be offering 8″ Pies at $18.00, and slices for $5.00

Tomato and Basil Focaccia. Sun dried tomato and basil bread, brushed with olive oil, and topped with marinated artichoke hearts, chevre and bacon. $6.50

We will also be offering our Chinese Chicken Salad Fixings and our Vegetarian Roll-ups again, but we will not be offering BBQ Pork Buns this week (Sorry for any disappointment).

Slices of both pies will be offered at Queenie’s Road House Cafe, in Elk, Thursday through Sunday, and many of our goodies, including Chicken Pot Pie, are available at the Headlands Coffee House in Fort Bragg!


Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie


Chicken Pot Pie
Our most popular item, and perfect for a rainy evening!

Have a great week and hope to see you very soon!

Robert Goleman
Owner and Executive Chef