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Making it Yours

Dressing Up Bolliver's

– Making it your own

Bolliver’s Fine Foods and Confections menu items are a snap to prepare, and with a few simple additions or garnishes you can make our food your own.

On our website, with the use of photos, we have tried to offer you presentation and serving suggestions. By adding no more than a sprig of herbs or a flower and by using a nice plate or serving dish, one can turn a simple meal into an elegant one.

Both our BBQ Pulled Beef and our BBQ Chicken Breast can be turned into magnificent sandwiches by using bread or rolls of your choice, along with your favorite cheese. The chicken breast is especially good with pasta Alfredo, and both the beef and chicken served on baked potato or rice, along with a green salad, makes for a quick and tasty meal.

Our Chinese Chicken Salad Fixings are often eaten just the way they come, yet, by simply serving the chicken and noodles on a bed of dressed greens, along with some marinated vegetables, can make an elegant and truly delicious luncheon or dinner salad.

Baking up some Bolliver’s Sfincionetti are an ideal appetizer for a cocktail party or that Sunday game on TV. Make it your own, by serving them cut in half, along with a dish of marinara or pasta sauce.

These are just a few ideas of the many things which can be done with Bolliver’s. We enjoy preparing our menu for you, and we encourage you to create delicious and innovative ways to serve our fine foods and confections.

Please share with us your own photos and ideas of how you make Bolliver’s your own – we would love to post your ideas and suggestions to share with others!

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