I Love You!

Greetings Everyone,

Nothing says “I Love You” like a beautiful box of chocolates – especially, really good, handmade chocolates. Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and Bolliver’s has the largest selection of fine Artisan Chocolates that we have ever offered before – including a few new flavors! We have also made a few types of chocolates which we haven’t offered for a while, including our Turtle Turtles and Honeycomb!

All of our chocolates are available at Chubby’s Kitchen in Fort Bragg (by appointment), at Harvest Market in Fort Bragg, and 1/4 pound boxes are now available at the Westside Renaissance Market, in Ukiah.

We will be offering our chocolates, plus all of our other tantalizing goodies, at the Farmers Markets in Fort Bragg, Willits and Ukiah, this week and next – just in time for your Valentine’s Day needs. Our chocolates may be purchased individually, in 1/4, 1/2 and full pound pre-boxed assortments, as well as your own assortments in boxes or bags.


Three Bite Caramels – Tri-sectioned bonbons of dark and rich liquid caramel in dark chocolate. Unlike most caramel, ours is very dark and almost smoky in flavor. A very tasty morsel, and one of the most popular chocolates we make. $1.79 each.


Advocatine – Homemade Dutch-style egg yolk and vanilla bean liqueur (Advocat) with fine Cognac in dark chocolate cups, and topped with both white and dark chocolates. $2.29 each


Gifts – Creme Yvette Cream Centers. Creme Yvette is a rare French liqueur made of black raspberry, black currant, black elderberry and dried violet petals. When we make these chocolates, not only do we use the liqueur, we also use the three black fruits, which are used in making the Creme Yvette! Unique and delightful. $1.79 each


Faux Bordeaux – Little milk chocolate cups filled with a wonderfully mellow, brown sugar buttercream. The cream filling has just a hint of espresso, which brings out the richness in the other flavors, but goes undetected itself. The bon bons are topped with dark chocolate and chocolate sprinkles. $2.29 each


Orange Pinwheels – Orange fondant butter cream, with orange juice, orange zest and Gran Marnier in dark chocolate. $1.79 each


Hedgehogs – Adorable dark chocolate hedgehogs, filled with hazelnut and Frangelico gianduia ganache. Outstanding, and incredibly popular! $3.79 each


Pistachio Love Cups – Lovely little cups of dark chocolate, filled with a dark liquid caramel, sealed with dark milk chocolate, and topped with three roasted and salted pistachios. One of the most popular flavors! $2.29 each


Cherry Ripples – A delightful tart-sweet butter cream filling made with tart cherries and 25 year-old black cherry balsamic. Wonderfully different! We are now making these using a different mold, which we will be taking a photo of very soon! $1.79 each


Malteds – Milk chocolate cups, filled with a light milk chocolate, malt and vanilla bean butter cream, and topped with white chocolate and chocolate sprinkles. $2.29 each


Mangoneros – Dark chocolate cups with two fillings: dark chocolate, Habañero and aged rum, as well as white chocolate, fresh mango and lime. Covered in dark chocolate, and topped with flame-colored sprinkles. Only a touch of heat. $2.29 each


RazzleBerry – Little dark chocolate cups filled with a fresh raspberry, white chocolate and Chambord buttercream. Topped with dark chocolate, white chocolate and pink sprinkles. $2.29 each

Black & Whites

Black and White – White chocolate cups, filled with an intense espresso mocha buttercream, and topped with dark chocolate. $2.29 each

Tangerine Dreams

Tangerine Dreams – One of our newest flavors, this one might remind you of Creamsicles! White chocolate cups, filled with a tangerine and peach white balsamic fondant buttercream. Made with fresh peach and tangerine. $2.29 each

Bobble Bars

Bobble Bar– A bar of dark chocolate, filled with our amazing dark liquid caramel and salty peanuts. $3.79 each


Laurels – Our newest flavor, and very unique! Dark chocolate cups, filled with a roasted Bay Laurel nut and bourbon ganache. Roasted Bay nuts have a flavor similar to dark coffee and chocolate, and have a flavor well-suited to a chocolate filling – and also offers quite a caffeine kick! (Our Bay nuts are locally harvested.) The photo is from our production at the kitchen. A new Larry Wagner photo will be taken soon! $2.29 each


Turtle Turtles – Dark milk chocolate turtles, filled with caramel and pecans. $1.79 each


25-Piece Chocolate Gift Boxes – $59.99


12-Piece Chocolate Gift Boxes – (1/2 pound) 2 each of 6 different flavors. (Assortment may vary slightly.) $29.99


6-Piece Chocolate Gift Boxes – (1/4 pound) 1 each of 6 different flavors. (Assortment may vary slightly.) $14.99

Cocoroons – (Not Pictured) The newest of our “Cup Line” of chocolates! Made both in dark milk and dark chocolates, these cups are filled with creamy coconut. Made with fresh coconut milk and unsweetened coconut, these tasty morsels are addicting (really addicting)! $2.29

Lemon Fanfares – (Not Pictured) Previously made as a molded chocolate, we are now making our lemon fondant buttercream in dark chocolate cups! The delicious filling is made with our handmade fondant, butter, fresh lemon and Lemoncello. $2.29

Honeycomb – (Not Pictured) A classic confection, honeycomb is puffed toffee that’s made with honey. Irregular shatters dipped in dark chocolate. $24 per pound.

Photos of our Chocolates are by Larry Wagner


Robert Goleman
Owner & Executive Chef