Dear Food Lover,

Thanksgiving is almost here, and we would like to encourage you to let Bolliver’s make your Holiday Desserts a special event! We have a tasty selection from which to choose, and they may be picked up at Chubby’s Kitchen or at the Fort Bragg Farmers Market on Wednesday afternoon. You have come to rely on Bolliver’s Pies for the Holidays, and we hope that you will again this year!

We will have a few extra pies available for purchase at the Fort Bragg Farmers Market, but not at the kitchen, so please pre-order your pies to avoid any disappointment. Thank you!!

This year we are offering:

Raspberry Truffle Torte This cake is out of this world! Layers of dark mocha sour cream cake, saturated with Chambord, and filled with raspberry conserve and a fresh raspberry truffle buttercream. Then, it is enrobed in dark chocolate ganache, and topped with glazed raspberries. What could be better? The most delicious cake we offer! (Available for pick up at the FB Market only.) Slice $8.00

Apple Cranberry Galette. Folds of flaky, buttery pastry are piled high with crisp tart apples, bittersweet cranberries, fresh ginger, a little brown sugar, cinnamon a touch of fresh-grated nutmeg and citrus. 8″ $18.00, and 4″ $6.00

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie. A delicious twist on this classic dessert. If you enjoy Pecan Pie, but find it a bit too sweet, this variation might be for you. Though still quite sweet, the aged bourbon and dark chocolate temper the sweetness of this delicious and very popular pie. 8″ $18.00, and slices for $5.00

Fresh-roasted Pumpkin. No canned pumpkin here! Our pumpkin pie is a bit different than the usual, in that there is no evaporated milk or condensed milk, and not heavy on spices. We roast sugar pumpkins, and then sparingly use fresh spices, which allows all the flavors to come through beautifully. If you enjoy pumpkin pie, you’ll love ours! 8″ $18.00, and slices for $5.00

Really, Really Tasty Lime Chiffon Pie  – Our most popular dessert! This absolutely fantastic lime pie is delicious and refreshing any time of year. Three layers of goodness – starting with a graham crust, filled with a tart lime curd, then a lighter layer of lime mousse, and topped with a lightly-sweetened vanilla whipped cream and fresh lime zest. One customer said that our pie was, “From another, a better planet”. We like that! 8″ $18.00, and 4″ Tarts $5.00 each or 4/$18.00

Very Chocolate, Chocolate Cream Pie – This chocolate cream pie is so very different from the classic version that’s made with pudding. Ours is a graham crust lined with chocolate ganache, then filled with dark chocolate mousse, and topped with lightly-sweetened vanilla whipped cream and grated dark chocolate. Sinful (in a heavenly way)! 8″ $18.00, and 4″ Tarts $5.00 each or 4/$18.00

Tropical Cream Pie – Completely over the top, this amazing pie has layers of flavors and textures, with “each bite being a new experience”! A flaky pastry shell is lined with dark chocolate ganache, then a layer of banana slices, a fresh coconut milk custard with lots of big shreds of coconut, and then topped with lightly-sweetened vanilla whipped cream, more chocolate ganache, and a sprinkling of roasted and salted macadamias! 8″ $18.00, and Tarts $5.00 each or 4/$18.00

Tart Samplers – Please feel free to make your own assortment of our mix-and-match tarts! Any combination of the three varieties (Lime, Chocolate, Tropical) – 4/$18.00


Chocolate Bourban Pecan Pie


Customer photo of Fresh-roasted Pumpkin Pie


Really, Really Tasty Lime Chiffon Pie

To place an order, please phone or text 707.964.4786 or email

Have a great week and hope to see you very soon!

Robert Goleman
Owner, Executive Chef