In two delicious flavors: Turkey & Cheese, and also Vegetarian. Both with our fabulous Chipotle Enchilada Sauce.

Dear Food Lover,

It has been two weeks since we sent out our last email, and it’s almost impossible to believe that it’s already March! We were without one of our main freezers for a couple of weeks, but it’s back up and running (thankfully). Needless to say, we are out of some of our savory items, but we’re busily trying to play catch-up and restocking the freezer. Further down in this email is a list of the items which are out of stock, as well as items that have been out but returning this week.

Valentine’s was a huge success, and the amount of chocolate that we made was more than double that of last year. We are truly thrilled that our chocolates are so popular and in demand!  Easter is on April 5th this year, and will be here before you know it. All of our chocolate flavors will be available, as well as our seasonal Chicken Littles and Peach Blossom Eggs. Last week we introduced our new Bobble Bar at the Farmers Markets, and they were a total sell-out! What the heck is a Bobble Bar, you might ask? It’s a distinctly-shaped bar of dark chocolate that’s filled with dark caramel and peanuts. As soon as our new Belgian molds arrive (which should be any day…), we will begin offering another bonbon – Robin’s Nests, which will be dark chocolate with a fresh coconut cream filling. Yum! Please remember, all of our fine chocolates are available at Harvest Market in Fort Bragg, and our new introductions will also be arriving there soon!


Our Peach Blossom Egg, available for Easter

We will be attending the Fort Bragg, Willits and Ukiah Farmers Markets this week!

In addition to our regular menu, we will be offering:

Chipotle Enchilada Sauce – Make your own creations using Bolliver’s Chipotle Enchilada Sauce, made with jalapenos, chipotle peppers, onions and tomatoes. It’s a bit on the spicy side and really delicious. Perfect for making enchiladas (of course), tacos, tostadas, in burritos, on omelets, and even in sandwiches. 12 oz container $8.00

Strawberry Rhubarb Tarts – These rustic tarts are made with our flaky pastry, and filled with sweet strawberries and tart rhubarb that are blended with a touch of brown sugar, ginger and cinnamon. Great heated and served with ice cream! $5.00

Baklava – Since we introduced our Baklava, it has been a big hit. This ancient Turkish treat (no, it’s not originally Greek) is made with 40 layers of phyllo pastry and butter, filled with a mixture of walnuts, lemon and spices, and then saturated in a lemon and honey syrup. Baklava is very sweet, and also very addicting! Box of 2 triangles $6.00

Items returning this week:

Lamb and Gorgonzola Pot Pies, BBQ Baked Black Beans Bursting with Bacon, and Vegetarian Enchiladas.

Temporarily out of stock:

Sweet and Spicy BBQ Chicken, Pork Peach and Ginger Pot Pies, Vegetarian Pot Pies, 3-Meat Cannelloni, Fish Quesadillas, Chicken Tamale Bake.

We will try to have all of our menu items back in stock over the next two weeks. Thank you for your patience!

Have a great week! We hope to see you at the Farmers Markets!


Robert Goleman
Owner, Executive Chef