Greetings Everyone,

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and that this new week is going splendidly!

We will be attending the Fort Bragg, Willits and Ukiah Farmers Markets this week, and we hope that you will all be able to come and visit us. It’s almost time for the Fort Bragg and Willits markets to move back outside, beginning the first week of May (Yay!). This coming Saturday will be our last Ukiah market of the season, but we will still be selling in Fort Bragg on Wednesdays, and Willits on Thursdays.

Next week, we will not be attending any of the Farmers Markets, as we will be providing concessions for the Mendocino Women’s Choir concerts, at the Matheson Performing Arts Center, in Mendocino – please see the poster above. And, happily, I will be singing with them again this year!!

2015 Mendocino Women’s Choir Concessions Menu

Raspberry & Custard Sandwich Cookies 6/$4.00

(You can’t eat just one… good thing you don’t have to.)

Cookies $2.50 or 3/$6.00 

Chocolate Chip, Ranger, Ginger Snap

Walnut Fudge Oatmeal Bars $4.50

(Caution: may be addictive.)

Whoopi Pies $4.00

 Dark chocolate with a vanilla marshmallow buttercream filling. Creates joy. 

Super Yummy Tarts $5.00

Really, Really Tasty Lime Chiffon “From another, a better planet.”

Very Chocolate, Chocolate Cream “The name says it all”.

Tropical (Chocolate, banana, coconut & macadamia)

“Over the top.”  

Carrot Cake $5.00

 “The best”… for every carrot cake lover!

 Bittersweet Hazelnut Torte $6.00

Gluten-free Intense chocolate! 

Artisan Chocolates $1.75 to $3.75 each  

Savory Nosh Boxes $12.00

each box includes:

Chicken Salad Tart with apples, apricots and pecans.

Marinated Asparagus and blue cheese in Prosciutto

Spinach and Arugula Wrap with roasted red bell pepper & roasted garlic

cream cheese, fresh pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and caramelized almonds.

Thanksgiving Coffee and Tea $1.00

Bottled Water $1.00

Sparkling Fruit Drinks $2.00

Bolliver’s Homemade Lemonade $2.00


Walnut Fudge Bar

Have a great week? We hope to see you at the Farmers Markets and at the Women’s Choir Concerts! Like the poster says, please be sure to get your tickets early!

Robert Goleman
Owner, Executive Chef